BTS Stationery Pack - Blue

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You will find the following items inside the BLUE pack: Maped Ruler 30Cm Graphic Grip Clip Pen 0.7 - 5Colors Set Glue Stick 25G Maped High Lighters Fluorescent - 5 Colors White Board Marker Fine Tip 8Pc Asstd. White Glue 60G Scissors 17cms Staedtler Double Hole Pencil Sharpener Eraser Staedtler-Big Faber-Castell Blue Pen 10Pcs 0.7 Stick Tack Atlas Legal Pad A4-50 Sheets Correction Pen Color Peps Pencils 12 Col Set Colored Jacket Notebook A4 - 4Line 100Sheet Geometry Set 9Pcs Staedtler Noris Pencil With Rubber-12 Pcs Sticky Notes 152 Fluorescent - 3Color Fantastic Notes 3X3- Yellow Note Book A5 Fantastic Flags 4 Colour - Sticky Note

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