We believe that art is a universal language spoken across cultures and borders; it should be engaging and Fun! We want to inspire everyone to get involved and start exploring their mediums of choice through our carefully curated art and stationary selections provided. We have put our heart and soul into supplying a comprehensive range of affordable art materials in a variety of accessible locations across the UAE.

Our goal is to meet the demand-supply numbers without compromising on quality and timely delivery.

We are aiming to be recognized nationally as well as internationally.

Our Vision

We are relentlessly working towards providing products at par with international standards and setting an impressive benchmark. To supply people of all ages with the equipment required to become Creative, by igniting a passion for art while developing critical thinking, creativity, and confidence!

We love art and our vision is to let you see the world through our multicolored glasses, spreading our love for what we do worldwide. Believing that everybody deserves to be able to Create!

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