With her ambition, and passion for nurseries and schools Tania Kotze founded Craftbox in 2013 a loving mom of 4 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, recognizing the pressing need for a local supplier to schools and nurseries across the Emirates. Craftbox has a variety of suppliers from all over the world as well as local, covering a wide range of products from Arts & Crafts, Stationary & Office supplies, Toys and more. We are proud to have a very good product portfolio with some unique and innovative products to add strength to our catalogue. Our startup goal was to support locally and supply Teachers, Schools, Nurseries & parents to ensure they have all the required supplies to work comfortably and with ease, knowing the supplies are locally available. Within a short span of time, we have achieved great recognition in the market for the quality, differentiation and the prices points of our products. It is a core component of our company culture to be transparent and respectful to our client’s everyday needs when it comes to arts and crafts. We stand with a strong belief that customer requests, satisfaction and the economic growth have an intertwined relationship and the same time will help us achieve our target to become the biggest Arts & Crafts / Stationery supply store in the UAE. We continue with our strategy of being your preferred Arts & crafts store. Arts & craft, our category winner, dominates in our local stores with a full spectrum of stationery across scholastic, home office and fashionable on trend items. In addition, there is a renewed focus in our Arts & Crafts ranges with a dramatically improved, innovative and increased offer to our customers.

Our Mission

We believe that art is a universal language spoken across cultures and borders; it should be engaging and Fun! We want to inspire everyone to get involved and start exploring their mediums of choice through our carefully curated art and stationary selections provided. We have put our heart and soul into supplying a comprehensive range of affordable art materials in a variety of accessible locations across the UAE. Our goal is to meet the demand-supply numbers without compromising on quality and timely delivery. We are aiming to be recognized nationally as well as internationally.

Our Vision

We are relentlessly working towards providing products at par with international standards and setting an impressive benchmark. To supply people of all ages with the equipment required to become Creative, by igniting a passion for art while developing critical thinking, creativity, and confidence! We love art and our vision is to let you see the world through our multicolored paint staint glasses, spreading our love for what we do worldwide.

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